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Gonzo journalism, alt-right, libertarian, conservative but more than happy to have a good laugh.

I have to say that the irony of this site sharing the name with an old ABC series is not lost on me. The Lowdown, with the catchy tagline of Politics, Technology and a bit of vision, first went live in 2002 and soon morphed into having a focus on Australia activities in and around the space race. Somewhat odd in hindsight, but it made sense at the time.

I'm also honest enough to say that when LOWDOWN went to air in 2010 I was a tad annoyed. I'd always loved the name and had pondered doing something more with it. But the irony was not lost on me then either. 

I'd just come out of a stint with ACP magazines and what I saw on the telly did ring true to what I'd experienced in and around the corridors of ZOO, FHM, Cleo, Dolly and Women's Weekly. The old Park Street office was a place of industry legends, crazy stories and some really odd floor plans. I got to meet some very quirky characters, learnt the virtue of keeping a bottle of scotch on the desk and generally had a whale of a time. 

I also learnt important life skills, such as how to spot a pair of Jimmy Choo's, the virtue of an office near the lifts and the key importance of diaphanous in the context of gowns. And yes, for those of you with long memories, the sheep really was photographed in the office.

At one point we'd workshopped how a competitor could challenge ZOO as the premier lad's magazine. The stalking horse we concocted was aptly named BALLS, and was to be a laddish mix of sexy girls, heaps of sport and a good lashing of humour. This is not what you are going to get with this iteration of Lowdown.

There may be some sport, and hopefully a few laughs. There will also a spot of stern language, general scorn, a generous helping of good old Aussie larrikinism and possibly a little irony, if your lucky. Naturally there will also be some general withering contempt, mostly aimed leftward.  At this stage, I'm not sure about the girls but in the spirt of Hunter S. Thompson, lets see where we end up with that one. 

I, for one, am not politically correct, I am a gentleman, and there is a big difference. If you don't like what we write, I frankly don't care because you are clearly an idiot. However I will be generally polite to you, because that's the right thing to do. Like opening doors for ladies, being kind to children and being pretty certain that there are only two genders, no matter what you do with your tackle. But like anyone with strong libertarian leanings, I also don't care what you do in the bedroom, nor that the state has much business either.

Matthew King